Elite’s Wild New Off Roaders On Show

Elite Off Road Caravan

Elite Caravans unveiled two updated off road caravans at the recent Melbourne Liesurefest, sticking to its commitment of building the best caravans with the latest technology.

The Elite Goulburn Armageddon 180, according to company director Peter Smith, is the first single axle caravan in Australia to be fitted with the new Vehicle Components Cruisemaster ATX suspension. The new independent system is the company’s top-of-the-line product which can be adjusted remotely, or on the run, to suit the prevailing conditions, or even level out the van on an uneven campsite.Elite Off Road Caravan

Equally impressive was the Positive Dust Pressure System Elite Caravans had installed which keeps the van pressurised while on the road to ensure dust can’t force its way into any of the vents or through the seals.

The caravan, with a 2800kg ATM also featured fresh and grey water tanks, 17in alloys with mud terrain tyres and a single spare wheel. Brush bars and checker plate were used liberally to protect the van from unnecessary damage.

Other very new technology included the Dometic Harrier inverter 3.1kW air conditioner. With its inverter technology, the unit can slow down or speed up the compressor, which eliminates the need for big generators to handle power spikes at start-up. According to Elite, it will still run on a Honda 20i generator.Dometic Harrier Air Conditioner

Inside, the Goulburn was well presented with clever features to make the most of the floor plan. The kitchen featured a slide out extension and fold up extension to increase bench space, while the queen sized bed ran east-west, with a narrow corridor at its foot to aid entry. The configuration’s allowed Elite to fit a club dinette (roomier than L-shape) and full width ensuite into what is a reasonably short caravan.

Instead of the standard upright fridge/freezer, Elite had also fitted a pair of Vitrifridgo chest coolers, which can be used entirely for refrigeration, entirely for freezing, or one of each. A great option for those who might be tackling some rougher roads.

Other features include 150-watts of solar panels, three 100ah lead-crystal batteries, four external Hella Powerbeam LED spotlights, a 28-inch telly, 2kg washing machine and a dual reversing camera kit.

The caravan was on display for $117,250.

Elite also had its latest Balistic 2110 RZ on display. The 21-foot, dual axle, off road caravan was fitted with Vehicle Components Cruisemaster suspension and many of the new products available on the Armageddon.Elite Off Road Caravan

The extra space in the Balistic has allowed Elite to fit a proper island bed and still retain all its clever space-making features in the kitchen. Most notably, the 2110 RZ features a front, full-width ensuite, rather than the more traditional rear version. The door is also forward of the axle, bucking what seems to be an industry wide trend.

The 2110 RZ’s list of features includes two 95-litre water tanks, two 9kg gas bottles, a DO35 coupling, the Dometic Harrier inverter air con and Vitrifrigo DW180 chest fridge and freezer. Other comforts include a 32inch telly, top-loading washing machine and two pull-out pantries.Elite Off Road Caravan

For free camping self sustainability, the van is fitted with three 150-watt solar panels and two 120ah batteries. All this is managed by a Victron solar regulator and Victron battery charger.

The Balistic 2110 RZ was on display for $118,250.