Did you know that the wholesale value of Australian manufactured RVs is over $940 million annually? One RV manufacturer pumps out 50 RVs per day to keep up with demand! With such a big business comes more business catering to supporting the industry. That means there is no shortage of caravan accessories out there, and much of it is Australian made! Bill Tsouvalas, an expert on recreational vehicle finance at one of BRW’s Top 100 fastest growing companies, Savvy, says “When you’re out on the road in a caravan or motorhome, it pays to have the right accessories on board as you can to make your life that little bit easier!”

RV Maintenance Accessories
If you don’t have maintenance accessories on board, you shouldn’t be on the road! Maintenance accessories are vital for any RV, even if it’s factory fresh. You should absolutely have a hydraulic jack that is sturdy enough to support your caravan or motorhome’s weight. You should also absolutely have a tyre pressure gauge to ensure full tyre pressure and full tool kit to fix anything that comes loose. RVs and trailers require constant levelling, so a bubble level should be in your tool kit also. It’s also helpful to have a water pressure regulator to protect your RV’s water pipes.Caravan Accessories


RV Sanitation Accessories
Sanitation for your RV is essential not only for peace and for harmony among the occupants, but for health and safety. Your RV will likely have a grey water outlet, but you should pack a long, higher quality grey water hose so waster water can be plumbed responsibly. Make sure you have an elbow adapter or rubber donut seal to make sure seals are  watertight. Other good tools are rubber gloves (heavy duty ones, not the kitchen sink ones!) and sewage tank cleaning tablets to keep everything clean and odour free.Caravan Accessories


RV Electrical Accessories
RVs without electrics aren’t much fun. To protect the insides from surges and other nasties, buy and fit a surge protector right off the bat. You should also consider a space heater for chilly nights. Of course, the more electrical equipment you take, the more power you need. For that, you will need a portable generator and/or solar panels to power the excess. A cigarette lighter adapter for keeping phones charged and other low voltage equipment running is also a must.Caravan Accessories


RV Entertainment Accessories
Before you consider bringing entertainment appliances on board, you need furniture tie-down straps. If you “hope for the best” you are flirting with danger. TVs reception will be spotty at the best of times on the road, so a DVD or portable media centre with hard drive will fill in the gaps between stops.

TIP: Carry a coaxial cable around with you just in case your caravan park has cable TV or internet access. You should also invest in a mobile hotspot for critical internet access wherever you can find a 3G/4G signal.Caravan Accessories


RV Kitchen Accessories
Simple utensils such as plates, cutlery, and cookware – preferably those designed with protection such as stackable caddies for plates – are essential RV accessories. You should also bring along a good and reliable water filter, a dish rack for drying and an abundance of resealable bags to keep leftovers in your fridge/freezer. You should also bring along a portable barbeque for outdoor cooking (that, and there’s not as much cleaning up after!) A well-sealed garbage bin is also a must for the interior of the RV. You should also consider a small RV coffee brewer and a toaster oven for quick and easy breakfasts. Most caravans have a small microwave installed; consider it if yours does not come with one fitted.Caravan accessories


Should you be buying used or new?
The temptation to buy used caravan accessories is huge, considering the reduced price of many items. Be warned; older items won’t last as long and could come in less than ideal condition. It’s best to stick with near-new or new items from brands you trust, as they likely come with warranties and guarantees. There’s little help if you buy generic knock-offs and they break down (or cause some kind of surge!) It all helps with creating a great and affordable holiday.