Australian Caravan+RV is just a front for its staff and contributors to go caravanning and camping whenever they feel like it. One and all, they are passionate outdoorsy types who get claustrophobic in open plan offices, but thrive on the open plains. Their idea of a good time is not so much a night out on the town, but instead a few nights out of town. Sometimes, if they accidentally pass through an area of internet reception or are forced into the office to collect their pay, they scribble a few words about caravans, motorhomes, camping and stuff, upload some images and head off again without so much as a fare-well.

In print form, Australian Caravan+RV is published bi-monthly and distributed nation-wide through newsagents and to its subscribers. It mixes in-depth and unbiased caravan reviews, dreamy travel stories, caravan cooking, humour and wit into glossy pages of caravanning goodness.

“Their idea of a good time is not so much a night out on the town, but instead, a few nights out of town”

Online, Australian Caravan+RV is a repository for all the experiences, pictures, lessons and fun that we just can’t fit into the magazine. This is somewhere for all our outdoorsy inspiration to find an outlet – somewhere you can learn about caravanning in Australia, and have a whole lot of fun planning your own adventure. Hopefully we’ll see you somewhere under the stars.